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Pling Casava Chips

The Brand: Pling is a premium snack brand based out of Kerala with a variety of products in their range.

The Challenge: Pling’s range of Casava Chips met a hesitant audience. The feedback received was that the chips were too hard. The client asked for this to be addressed with a poster on every shelf at their point of sale.

The Solution: How did we make a poster that sells? Here’s how. Popkon came up with a series of illustrations of two individuals hugging. Two famous personalities who are known to be against each other in real life. Each of these duos was a renowned personality, part of controversies with lasting impact. What did we call this union? – Hard but worth it.

The Result: A smile on the faces of hundreds of customers who went right ahead to pick up a pack of PlingsCasava Chips. This is also one of Popkon’s most awarded piece of work.