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Deshabhimani Aksharamuttam

The Brand: Kerala’s oldest and leading newspaper and first and only internet news portal in Malayalam

The Challenge: Deshabhimani conducts one of India’s largest quiz. With 16,000 schools and 45 lakhs students participating, the challenge was to get the attention of the desired target audience.

Our Solution: To give the audience a sense of accomplishment, we created a campaign that made this the best place to get enlightened. We gave kids the confidence of winning and achieving anything they put their minds’ to.

The Result: Parents and teachers from across the state were driven by the positivity, encouraged their children to participate. There was an increase in the sponsorship for the event. Kids turned to this event and too it as a hard-to-miss opportunity. The quiz entered the Limca Books of Records. We at Popkon won many awards for our work on Deshabhimani.