Popkon is perhaps Kerala’s first creative boutique, founded by the creative trios, Jaison, Ratheesh and Sanil.
When they started the agency, they took a vow. Never to indulge themselves in the rat race that the agencies are known for. They felt the only way they could stand apart is by creating business communications that are outstanding and innovative, to say the least. Being a creative boutique, Popkon assures each work at Popkon is given due attention, ensuring high standards both in ideation and execution.

Jaison Antony

If there is any sobriquet for Jaison, it should be ‘the hungry young man of advertising’. After twenty years in advertising, winning numerous national and international awards, and being adjudged as the Art Director of the Year twice at Big Bang Awards, his hunger for creating outstanding works for brands is second to none. Before founding Popkon, he had spent over ten years at Stark, Kerala’s most reputed agency. His vast repertoire of works for brands like Kerala Tourism, Malayala Manorama, Karnataka Tourism, Radio Mango, Asianet News among others is a testimony to his outstanding creative abilities. At Popkon, Jaison heads the creative department, keeping the team on toes to create award winning and pathbreaking works.

Ratheesh Menon

Ratheesh is the no-nonsense, happy-to-go leader of Popkon. If you want an honest, frank opinion on any subject, go to him. From being a seasoned art director for more than a decade, working for brands like Baskin Robbins, LG Mobiles, Kitchen Treasures, Synthite, his change of career role was a thoughtfully taken decision. After spending over 5 years in the advertising capital of India, Ratheesh moved back to Kerala to head business development at Thought Blurb. A move that eventually helped Ratheesh resurrect the dormant business acumen residing in him. At Popkon, though he says, he is the head of operations and business development, we know he cannot resist himself from a bit of creative indulgence every now and then.

Sanil Augustine

Sanil is the rarest of the rare specimens you will find in advertising. The organised, down-to-earth art director. His temper, unbreakable, even under pressure. But make no mistake, beneath the sage-like calmness is a child-like enthusiasm. Always eager to learn something new and never to shy away from having some fun. With Sanil around, there isn’t a dull moment. Sanil’s 15-year long career was shaped working in two of the best creative agencies in Kerala. Stark and DDB Mudra. Having showcased his creative skills for brands like Federal Bank, Bhima Jewellers, Andhra Tourism, Malayala Manorama, The Week, Kalyan Sarees, Sanil brings to Popkon punctuality and sincerity in creative executions.

Sajith Varma

Speak of happy-go-lucky guys and this man would be on top of the list. An uncanny blend of soberness and nuttiness, Sajith brings to the table an experience of 13 years in creative copy writing. This journo-aspirant-turned-writer is always seen hunting for clever words and insightful ideas. Having worked for various national and regional brands including Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, Coconut Development Board of India, Coir Board of India and Classic Polo among a chunk of others, Sajith keeps the copy desk of Popkon lively by working closely with the Team.

Sudhin Subramanian

He is quite a quiet guy in the first glimpse. But never mistake, his works speak loud the moment you see them. This dexterous Illustrator from Malappuram is so very passionate about edgy illustrations. A Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Fine Arts College, Thiruvananthapuram, Sudhin possesses a rich experience if having worked across industries such as the UAE, Bangalore and Kochi. McCann, Push, Evox Media, Living Room – his portfolio is so full of internationally reputed agencies and now he is in one that should soon be.

Jithesh C K

Jithesh is out and out an artist. When in work, he is always seen lost in the profoundness of the moment. A live wire of ingenious ideas, Jithesh brings to Popkon a completely fresh thinking and style in business communication. With keen interest in calligraphy, illustration and digital image retouching, Jithesh is one of those young guns every agency would love to have on board. He owns a Diploma in Graphic Designing and ample hands-on experience experimenting with the art. Jithesh dreams of setting a design style of his own, which he hopes would set his art a class apart.

Manila Manohar

It’s not too often that you would come across a girl who was a content writer, and then turned to client servicing. Well, here’s Manila for you. During her initial days in the business, she spent a good 3 years writing for KPB Advertising and then decided to rewrite her destiny. She joined a consulting firm and spent quite some time there managing media relations and monitoring, until we welcomed her in to Team Popkon. She loves reading and dreams of writing a book some day.

Harsha Menon (Account Manager)

Pockets full of sunshine, sometimes fierce most times soothing. Harsha is a boost of adrenaline when spirits are low. She’s Popkon diplomat that effortlessly strikes a balance between the client’s demands and creative excellence. She’s the one you need when you’re trying to sell ice to an eskimo. Harsha is backed by ten years of advertising experience in the ad capital, Mumbai. In addition, a PDG in Advertising, Marketing & Sales Management, makes Popkon’s brave heart Harsha is best equipped to embrace every new challenge.

Ajay V Vijayan

The ever-cheerful, effervescent lad with an effulgent smile, Ajay is that no-nonsense guy who makes up for a perfect team player. A Graphic Designer by profile, Ajay loves to indulge himself in creative rides when the brief demands. With keen interest in learning illustration and typography, he wastes no chance to improve on his skills every single day. He holds a Diploma in Graphic Designing and has been working with Hammer before joining  Popkon.


Young lads bring in a lot of energy to any team. Popkon is happy to have this live wire in ours. Fayiz was literally handpicked from Mediaspot, a company based in the town of Nilambur in Malappuram. The graphic designer dreams of becoming an illustrator and a creative designer, an opportunity Popkon is readily offering him. He also loves experimenting with calligraphy and typography. He is passionate about movies and has even acted in short films.